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Second Donegore Presbyterian Church (Dunamuggy)

Established around 1788 Second Donegore Presbyterian Church (Dunamuggy) is a small country congregation where each Sunday at 11.30am the Christian message is faithfully preached. On the 2nd Sunday of each month there is a family service which is more informal. You will receive a warm welcome at both services.

Our primary objective is to remain faithful in building up our congregation spiritually under the sound teaching and influence of the gospel.

We believe in the power of prayer and know we are dependent on God for our help in the future, as we have been in the past. 


Update on church reopening:
Our vacancy convener gave an update on plans for restarting church services. The Kirk Session will be meeting in the first full week of August to discuss plans and set a date for reopening. On Saturday 27th June 2020 the Standing Commission of Templepatrick Presbytery met and issued some local guidelines for Kirk Sessions to consider.

Videos,  live streams, and other materials can be found onhttps://jboydpci.com

Join us for Sunday worship at 11am  CLICK BELOW

Sunday 9th August 

Sunday 2nd August 


If you know someone who is missing church with us in Second Donegore, and doesn't have Internet access to watch our livestream, they can now listen to a recording of the service by ringing 02893447220. The phone number should be free to listen to (though it does cost the operator – currently Rev. Boyd – 1p per minute, which isn't much, but would add up quickly if everyone was ringing it every day, so please only use this facility if you cannot access the livestream on Youtube or recordings on Vimeo).
































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