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Second Donegore Presbyterian Church (Dunamuggy)

Established around 1788 Second Donegore Presbyterian Church (Dunamuggy) is a small country congregation where each Sunday at 11.30am the Christian message is faithfully preached. On the 2nd Sunday of each month there is a family service which is more informal. You will receive a warm welcome at both services.

Our primary objective is to remain faithful in building up our congregation spiritually under the sound teaching and influence of the gospel.

We believe in the power of prayer and know we are dependent on God for our help in the future, as we have been in the past. 


From the Moderator & Clerk of the General Assembly 

In light of our ongoing consultations and of the current serious and worsening situation, and in line with unequivocal public health guidance that people should stay at home, the General Council, acting with the delegated authority of the General Assembly, has directed that, for a limited period (from Friday 8th January until Saturday 6th February 2021 inclusive, subject to review in late January) all in-person Sunday gatherings for worship, along with all other in person church gatherings, should cease in all PCI congregations in Northern Ireland - with the exception of weddings, funerals, arrangements for recording and/or live-streaming, drive-in services and private prayer (as permitted by regulations).  


Join our Online Church Services!

Sunday 10th January 2021-   https://vimeo.com/498517044


Stranger Things

One of the big streaming TV hits in the last few years is the Netflix show, Stranger Things. When a boy disappears from a sleepy rural community the heroes become embroiled in strange other-worldly events that they can't talk to people about with seeming crazy themselves.

Sometimes being a Christian can feel that way – our faith, our saviour, and our church can all seem strange to people on the outside. we can feel like odd-balls ourselves. Or maybe you look at Christians and are baffled how we can believe what we believe.

This Sunday in Luke's gospel we're going to look at the strangeness of Christianity and see that the appearance of a boy in a sleepy rural community brings heralds not just stranger things, but better things.

We can't meet in person to do this, and rather than livestream I've pre-recorded a video which is available herehttps://vimeo.com/498517044

You can also download notes, including activity sheets for children, here: https://jboydpci.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/21-01-10-Household-worship.pdf

Keep on eye on the church website or jboyd.pci for further announcements: https://jboydpci.com/2021-01-10-household-worship/

























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